I had the photograph published here sent more than Australian Mr. Smith keneth R. It is a wonderful flower. I was impressed.

This is a "peach" colour Clivia miniata TWINS
This is a beautiful yellow Clivia that I produced.
It is Clivia miniata 'Col Pitman' X Clivia miniata Walters Yellow F1This is the plant we call Clivia nobilis in Australia.
This is Clivia miniata 'Aurea' that is in Australia

This is Clivia miniata 'Col Pitman
' This is a green flower form of Clivia miniata Twins.
This is an Australian developed cultivar.
Made by G.K.Cowlishaw in the 1930 - 1950 period.


I am growing these Cowlishaw Hybrids.This is one of my yellow plants grown from Nakamura seed
This is a yellow Clivia that has ridged petals.
This is a pale flower form of the Cowlishaw Hybrids
This is a hybrid Clivia miniata called 'Giant No 3'

This is a plant grown from seed sent to me by Mrs Giddy.
A plant grown from seed sent to me by Mrs Giddy in South Africa.This is a plant developed by Bill Morris and Alan Bull.