yellow clivia
About 5 years ago, KIBANA KUNSHIRAN was very rare and expensive and the flowering plant was about Yen100000. It has gone down to Yen10000 and have become easily obtainable in ordinary nurseries. Propagation used to depend on root-dividing, but nowadays growing from seeds has become possible and therefore they have started to be wide-spread in the market. Many new species such as "stripe" "compact" are being produced. Long established species are: Smithers Yellow, Cold well, Gordon Yellow, Moon Light, CHIBA Yellow ......... species improved by NAKAMURA............... I would like to introduce as many species as possible here. However, please bear in mind that It can be difficult to distinguish one species from the other and there are quite a few "imitation" in the market. So the names of the flowers in this page are according to the "tag" given when bought.

Smithers Yellow currently sold as "Vico Yellow" [at present. Miyoshi plantation sell it in japan]

Vico Gold by Sir Smithers [Sir Peter Smithers the secondary]

Japang -selection for import yellow . round petal and alarge flower

KOHGONMARU [produced purely in Japan by crossing Miniata]

OHGONKAKU [from Imported Yellow]

MR AKIRA SUZUKI Yellow (Eaden Hybrid F2") used pollen of Eaden Yellow given by DR HIRAO

c.m.var.citrina Imported Yellow

Imported YellowI

>MIYAKE YellowYellow hybrid . meilt(slim turn over)

Smithers Hybrid[vico cross]

Moon Right[from Import Yellow] selection for import yellow .

KAORI KIBANA (Scented Yellow Flower)MIYANAGA No.1 F1 slight scent, ones which are currently sold are made by using this pollen, but heredity has not been confirmed. There is little possibility of getting scented ones at this stage.

KAORI KIBANA (Scented Yellow Flower)MIYANAGA No.4, the strongest scent at this stage. Produced by MR MIYANAGA (He says he crossed Eaden and Gorden)

Eaden YellowEaden Yellow According to MR MORI

Eaden YellowEaden Yellow Late DR HIRAO'S phantom"

MIYOSHI YellowHybrid so size differs according to the plant. Still flowers tend to be big. Smithers could have been in it?

Cold well Yellow DR HIRAO'S "phantom". Many petals

Gordon Yellow

ROKUJOH Yellow "Phantam" KIBANA. From newsletter "Phantam" KIBANA. From newsletter

New Down Yellow