nakamura clivia breeging plantation 1997
NAKAMURA KUNSHIN is the only garden centre which specialises in KUNSHIRAN(clivia). There are other centres which deal with KUNSHIRAN(clivia)such as OOTHU ENGAI,HIROSHIMANOUEN,MORIHEI,KOMORIA,MITYHUHASHI,etc, but NAKAMURA is the only specialist of KUNSHIRAN. These photos include ones from other enthusiasts inside/outside Japan.

NAKAMURA KUNSHIEN(nakamura clivia breeging plantation)
There are so many flowers which do not look like KUNSHIRAN, aren't there? These are hybrids. My own photos will look less attractive, as I put on this many photos of NAKAMURA..

How do you like them? Arent' they beautiful? The newest one ould be the second from the right, bottom. The most right one is at NAKAMURA KUNSHIEN. I took this when I visited him there.

The following photoes can be said to be the "soul" of NAKAMURA KUNSHIEN(nakamura clivia breeging plantation).

Smithers Yellow(vico yellow) Chiba Yellow

Vico Gold Yellow Flower with Stripes

NAKAMURA KUNSHIEN(nakamura clivia breeging plantation) 1998
He sent me the most current photos of the year. This homepage is now looking like MR.NAKAMURA's page, but this page has not been made for business purposes. Nevertheless, nobody can resist acquiring one after having been shown so many wonderful photos. So I will just list his address and tel. Nr. Please request a catalogue, although you might not be able to get the same one as photos (here). If you contact him, please tell him that you have got his address through my homepage. I am not expecting commission, but probably expecting him giving me a plant?'? Please note: MR NAKAMURA says these photos include ones from other enthusiasts inside/outside Japan and that not all of them are his.

NAKAMURA KUNSHIN(nakamura clivia breeging plantation)
Post Code 297
48-2 Kuroto
Mobara-shi Chiba Pref
Tel Fax 0475-23-5444

From left: Green Candle, Hybrid (stem length more than 1M), pink, many petals
Next column from left: Green Candle x Gardeny, Jipang x Chiba Yellow, KOHYOH (Wide Leave) HIME DARUMA

NAKAMURA KUNSHIEN(nakamura clivia breeging plantation) 1999
This photograph is the newest photograph this year.