Welcome! ★ EQ Gassyou    
 means Emotional Intelligence Quotient   
Recently, ECO(ecology),-nature friendly- is being popular all over the world.
The spirit that improve EQ promotes ECO.   
Improving EQ gives joy and deep impression to people.
I have opened this HP, because I hope people
to have good human relations and life. For that purpose,
I really hope people to look for Hannyashinkyou to improve our EQ,
adore for"Kannonbosatu"- a hero in "Hannyashinkyou"-,
and chant "Hannyashinkyou" with pressing our hands together in prayer.

  ★ You can remember "Hannyashinkyou" with Flash animation.
 You can chant True word of guardian deity.          
 You can read "Hannyashinkyou" written in romaji.
With reading
"Hannyashinkyou", feel penitence, conscience, purification of the six roots of perception.

A mysterious power of "Hannyashinkyou". ー Power of true word Pious act
  Daily reading "Hannyashinkyou" acts our life ー           
    Thanks to true word, you wolud become purification of the six roots of perception.  
       and then could escape a disaster or you life could being cahnged for the better.
   By continuing to read "Hannyashinkyou", you coulc realize your defect,
     then you would search your conscience.This would be good chage for you.

About "Hannyashinkyou" and Journye to the West.
  It is said that "Hannyashinkyou" was transrated by "Shiken"(支謙) in 200 era.
    After 200 years than that, "Kumarajyuu"(鳩摩羅什) transrated
, and Master Tripitaka did 
Master Tripitaka is well-known in "Journye to the West"
       It is said that - thanks to"Hannyashinkyou", Master Tripitaka never give up
       severe environmet on a desert, and lose the battle with any apparition.
 Then finally he finished the journey.
      "Hannyashinkyou" was passed to Master Tripitaka as talisman by
Monk "Usou"(鳥巣).

An attraction of "Hannyashinkyou" (Including my experience.)   
★Buddha's word(
True word),sutras which has miraculous efficacy.
      ★Sutrab leads human to
       feel penitence, conscience, then become purification of the six roots of perception.
 ★It is a talisman to protect you from evil.(
The story of Mimi-Nashi-Hoichi
     ★Chanting and praying it afects to
a your wish or hope.
 ★You should chante and pryaing it for the repose of the deceased.
      ★By chanting it wholeheartedly, you could
get rid of stress.・ 
 You would cotinue to read it, then you could be an a calm.

 You would understand an idea of "Kuu" written in it, then your life would be flexible.
It is easy to read and remember it.
You could be in a stage of "Dougyounininn"
(同行二人) that means you are with "Bodhisattva".
★A hero, "Kanzeonbosastu"(bodhisattva) saves human from suffering.
★Chanting "Hannyashinkyou" would improve
our health.
      ★Everyday, I get up, and pray "Hannyashinkyou" .
And then I eat breakfast, it's really delicious        

Let's challenge to read "Hannyashinkyou" 10000 times.
  You just read 10times everyday, then can do it within 3 years.

 Supposing that our life is 85 years, 365 days × 85 years = 310255 days.
This measn that if human could start to read "Hannyashinkyou" after being born, they could read it over 300000 times.
Let's tyr to reading "Hannyashinkyou".
     1: Everyday, read "Hannyashinkyou". Before reading it, you have to wash your hands and mouth.
 2: You should set the period, and concentrate to read within a difinite period of time.
       Like hundred times worship, e.g., walking back and forth a hundred times
before a shrine offering a prayer each time.
For example I recommand you read 100times within 21 days。

    For Reading, "Hannyashinkyou"
You can read it with joinning your hands in prayer.

       『This HP is just individual one. I have no personal relations with any feligious organizations.』