Lolo Masi's View

	Yours truly, Ralph (Lolo) Masi, lived and worked in
	Tonga about 12 years: as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer
	from 12/1974 - 5/'78, and independently from 9/1983
	- 2/1992.  It was unforgettable, and I still love to
	speak Tongan --- a language of substance.  I became
	friends with several Japanese volunteers (JOCVs) and
	now live in Japan where I started writing about Tonga
	due to requests from colleagues and friends here.  
	'Ofa Atu !!!
Tonga EXPERIENCE-Bank International Friendship
FINAU'S VIEWS OF ECONOMICS Thoughts and Impressions
New Cultures, New Ways Traditiional Courtship in Tonga

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