We, Lodge YAMASAN is located Nakafurano, home of lavender in Japan, and where you can view the head of Mt. Tokachidake with we provide lots of using fresh delicious ingredients from Hokkaido for your meals.

Dinner & Breakfast

Please enjoy our selection of fresh seasonable vegetables from Hokusei Farm and main ingredients from Hokkaido.

Breakfast: 7:30 a.m   Dinner: 19:00 p.m

Dinner Menu (For accomodation guest)


Seiromushi (*Photo is example)
(Fresh Vegetables, meat and seafood cooked with Japanese traditional Bamboo steamer.)
Ingredients may be change according to the season.


Sukiyaki (*Photo is example)
(Food ingredient with a focus on Furano, Hokkaido grown seasonal vegetables and Hokkaido grown beef.)
Ingredients may be change according to the season.

* Dinner menu will be every day in rotation of Seiromushi or Sukiyaki.*

* Meal menu will be arranged for the guest who stays more than three nights.*

* Please note menu is subject to change depending on weather, growing condition and market availability.*

Breakfast Menu


We prepare natural ingredients from Furano for your day start meal.
Scrambled egg with sausage served with fresh vegetables, bread and drinks.

YAMASAN Website Menu

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