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NOTE: I have stopped to develop Mex. Reasons: (1) There are many GUA-based Japanese-enabled MUAs. (2) I don't use Mex. There seems few users of Mex. (3) It was too difficult for me to develop an MUA. If you'd like to develop Mex, please feel free to do. Since Mex is licensed under GPL, you can develop any softwares which are based on Mex, can modify Mex, and can distribute these softwares, without asking me. If you'd like to develop a "formal successor" of my Mex, please ask me.

Mex (Mail Environment in X) is a mailer (MUA, Mail User Agent) which works on X Window System.




How to Obtain

The newest version can be downloaded here.

Tomohiro KUBOTA <debian at tmail dot plala dot or dot jp>