“Part Two”  Performed by

Jorge Vazquez  and Yuki Chiba

   @ Sibenik in Croatia  

                July31 in 2011

                           Dance Video

  Turning Table

2011 in Leuven

    One Step Away

2011 in Leuven

    Place to Hide

2012 in Leuven

This choreography was created by Yuki Chiba. It was danced by the dancers of Dance group Hilde Goyens at the occasion of the show TRIBUTES on october 16 and 17 2010 in the Theatre in Leuven, Belgium.


2011 in Leuven

Don’t You Remember Me

        2012 in Leuven


2012 in Leuven

2013 Voice5 - act2

2013 Voice5 - act1